Scott D. Jensen | Marketing Quality over Quantity
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Marketing Quality over Quantity

Social Media Quality over QuantityIn today’s society, we have become so overwhelmed with advertisements, news, and information that we’ve become experts at subconsciously ignoring what we don’t immediately find interesting. Especially when considering social media, where there might only be a 5-10 second window to grab someones attention – quality is crucial. If people begin to see several things from any one brand that their not interested in, they will begin to ignore everything from that brand, even when they do put out something incredible – consistent quality is far more important than quantity for quantity sake.

Consider these 3 questions before hitting the send or print button;

1. How similar is this to other things I’ve said before? If you aren’t constantly coming up with fresh and creative ideas, people will get board, and when people get board, they will always remember you as having made them board.

2. Is this more about me and my brand, or my audience? Always try to limit things that might come across as saying, ‘Hey look at me! look how awesome I am!’…instead, take some time to research your audience and speak to their interests, desires, and problems.

3. How long ago was my last ad or post? Consider your competition…if you are putting out twice as much stuff as they are…you might be focusing on quantity over quality.


Do you know some other good tips to maximize quality material? Tell us in a comment!